Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Recycle ~ You Can Too

Everyone has one, or two, or twenty.  They are shoved back in cabinets, stacked up in the basement, or just laying around always in the way.  What can you do with all of those glass vases?  You have clear ones, blue ones, green ones, red ones, and more laying around the house.  What can you do with the ones that are not so near and dear to your heart?  Simple!  You can bring them to us!

Now we are not asking for you to part with that vase you received on your wedding day, or the Waterford crystal one your grandma gave you.  We are looking for those odds and ends that you have collected along the way.  What do we want all of those vases for???  Simple ~ We Recycle!  We can use those to fill floral orders for customers, use as donations for charities and benefits, and so much more.  We will find a use for your unused and unwanted vases. 

So next time you are cleaning out those cabinets, garages, basements, or closets collect those vases and bring them in.  We will reward you with some fresh flowers to take home.  So save at least one vase to hold that fresh bouquet.

For more details stop in and see us at:
1215 E. Pershing Rd.
or give us a call:

We hope to see you, and your vases, soon! 

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