Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arranging a Half Dozen Roses in 10 Easy Steps

Here is a short step by step guide to arranging 1/2 dozen roses in a vase.  This is just in time for Valentine's Day.  We sell roses in paper and boxes for the man on the go.  This will help you arrange them like a pro when they get into your home. 
What you will need:
6 Long Stem Rose
1 Bunch of Babies Breath
6-8 Pieces of leather leaf
2-3 stems of salal leaf
Glass vase
Flower Food Packet
Florist Tape (optional)

1. Add your flower food to the water according to package directions.
2. You can grid the vase if you would like.  This will help keep the roses in place when you arrange them.

3. Remove any petals that may be bruised or spotted. This will make your roses more attractive in your arrangement.  
It also can liven up roses that are starting to loose that fresh picked look.  You can do this days after the arrangement is made to spruce it up a little.

4. Trim your leather leaf at the bottom and remove any leaves that may fall into the water.  The leather leaf should measure 6" to 8" from tip to rim of vase.

5.  Take your Salal stems and place them in the vase.  For best results separate them into 3 pieces.  Add them in like the numbers on the clock at 3,6, & 9.

For an 8" vase your rose should measure about 20" long.  Trim your rose at an angle so that the water can travel up the stem easily. 
Trim your best looking rose for the center of your vase.

6.  Add your first rose to the center of your vase. 
7.  Cut the other 5 roses about 2" - 3" shorter then your main flower.  Remember to cut these at an angle as well. 

8.  Add your remaining roses like you are filling in a clock.  The best positions are 2, 5, 7, 9. 12.  This will help create a nice shape for your arrangement. 
Facing your roses outward from the center of the vase will create a fuller look to your arrangement.  Every flower head has a natural "forward", use this to help you position your flowers.

9.  Insert your longest piece of babies breath into the center of your vase.  Trim it if needed so that the tallest blooms are about 1/2 was up the bloom of your tallest rose.
You can tuck the babies breath between the roses to add color and shape to your arrangement.  

10.  Take any remaining pieces of babies breath and fill in the places in your arrangement that need color and texture. 

Your arrangement is now complete.  Remember to change the water and trim your roses to prolong the life.  For more rose care tips check out our article here
If you like you can add a bow for a more finished look.  We hope that you have enjoyed our step by step and invite you to come back often for more great tips and tricks.

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