Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainbow Roses ~ Such Beauty!

"Beautiful", "They smell so good", "How are these made?" Those are just some of the things we hear when our customers see a rainbow rose.  We agree that they are beautiful and they smell amazing!  How are they made?  Now this depends on where our latest shipment came from.

Holland ~ These are the traditional Rainbow Roses.  This method was invented by a Dutch Business man named Peter Van Werken.  His method is to inject natural plant extract dies into the stems as the flower grows.  Each petal absorbs the die as they grow.  This makes for a  very vibrant color.  These are the most expensive of the rainbow roses and we do get these in from time to time.  

Columbia ~ Fiesta's Rainbow Roses come from south of the border.  This is the brand that we normally carry, they are more readily available from our suppliers and have a better price.  The method Fiesta uses is the select roses from the vine and split the stems.  The stems are then died and the roses absorb the natural plant die into their petals just as they would water.  The result is a more pastel look then the bright coloring the Holland roses have. 

To us it does not matter where the roses come from just where they go once they get into the shop.  We love delivering these beautiful blooms, people just ooh and aah at the time of delivery.  We receive calls long after the delivery from our customers asking to send them to people they know.  We normally get in a package a week, (10 roses) and by mid week they are gone!  Because of the long process time we are not able to get more until the next week shipment arrives.  What does that mean to you?  It means if you need Rainbow Roses for a special occasion or gift it is best to order far ahead of time.  We have even had weeks where all of the roses coming in were spoken for!  How exciting!  

At the current time we are the only florist in Decatur that carry these roses.  We are so proud to introduce Decatur to these amazing flowers.  We hope that you can take some time to stop in and see these roses for yourself!

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