Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flower of the Month for June ~ The Rose

The flower for the month of June is the Rose!  If this is your birth month you are one lucky soul.  We love roses here at The Secret Garden.  With so many colors to choose from and so many sizes how can you not love them?!  We have wrote several articles all about roses, here are a few.

So many of our arrangements have roses in them, it is the number one requested flower we sell.  We sell them one by one or even 50 at a time.  One of the most memorable arrangements we made was for a 50th anniversary, and it featured 50 long stem red roses.  Want to see a picture? Sure you do, check it out here.  

Roses also win the hearts of brides.  So many of our bouquets have roses in them.  Some may say it's because of the meaning of roses, or the great colors they come in.  We like to believe that it is because of their beauty.  

Meet one of our favorite roses: The Rainbow Rose.  In the Decatur area we are THE place to find these beautiful blooms.  Stop in and marvel at it's beauty.

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