Monday, May 30, 2011

Martha Washington Geranium Care

Outdoor planting season is underway.  One of the best selling plant in our shop is the Martha Washington Geranium.  The colors are always amazing.  So how do you care for these beautiful plants?  Never fear, we can help with that.

When re-potting your geranium you should add some small rocks or gravel to the bottom of your pot to help with drainage.  The soil mix you use should mildly acidic, make sure that you do not pack it to tight.  Use a mild fertilizer during the blooming months, this will help your plant grow and give it more blooms.  

Your Martha Washington will flourish in direct sun.  South facing windows or patios are ideal.  

To avoid over watering make sure you allow the soil to dry out a little before watering again.  When you do water saturate the soil enough so that some water drains out of the bottom.  This will wash away impurities in the soil that your fertilizer will replace.

The best night temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees.  

Your geranium will bloom over and over during the spring and summer months.  To encourage new blooms you can pinch off a few of the blooms, this will allow it to become bushier.  If it becomes unruly you can trim the sides and tops with pruning shears.

If you follow these care tips your Martha Washington Geranium should live a long happy life.  Remember that during the fall and winter months you do not have to fertilize but you should follow the watering tips above.  The following spring the blooms will return and you will have another season of beauty.  

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