Friday, May 20, 2011

Memorial Day Tributes

Memorial Day is the time to reflect on memories our loved ones have left us.  We use this time to laugh about the good times and smile through the tears.  With our selection of grave saddles, canisters, wreaths, and easels The Secret Garden can help you honor your loved one.

Our grave saddles are all made on a thick wire frame that bends to fit headstones of all sizes.  They can also be placed on the ground and staked into place.  The flowers are made to withstand the elements, some fading will occur over time but the flowers will hold up well in all conditions.  We have customers that bring them back year after year to have them spruced up.  This shows that our saddles will last you for many years to come.  For graves that do not have standing headstones we can create a nice piece on a heavy brick.  The brick will weigh it down so that it does not get disturbed by the wind.  It also can be saved and used again in years to come.

Our canisters are made with the same long lasting flowers.  They simply stake into the ground by the stone.  

We also have standing easels and wreaths to place on them.  One of our best sellers is our cross, it can be seen here in our Facebook album.  

If you do not find what you are looking for we can create something just for you.  We have an entire section of the store dedicated to silk flowers.  You are sure to find what you are looking for.  It normally takes a few days for custom orders so make sure you place your order early.

If you are looking for a tribute to place at your home to remember a loved one consider one of our stepping stones.  Our stones are perfect for gardens, or can be placed on a stand and displayed in the home.  We have a nice selection to choose from and invite you to come in and take a look.

A few things to remember:

Check with the cemetery to see when you can place your memorial.  Some of them have rules about what can be placed on the ground and when.  With the mowing season upon them most care takers do not want items placed on the ground but will allow it for Memorial Day.  

Stop in today and see what we have to offer.  1215 E. Pershing Rd. or give us a call to place your special order 875-9038.  If you are out of town we also offer delivery to the cemetery for you for an additional charge. 

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