Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Storing Bulbs From Blooming Plants

So that beautiful blooming plant has run it's course and now you are not sure what to do.  We can help with that.  Follow these steps and in the fall your bulb will be ready to plant!

Once the greenery has all died back your plant is finished for the season.  Do not fear, that beautiful bloom can be seen again next spring.

1.  Now because most bulbs look similar it is best to have labels ready for each type of bulb.  Sort your bulbs by plant type before storing to avoid any confusion in the fall.

2.  Remove your plant from the pot and take off as much soil as possible.  Cut the stem of the bulb.

3. Dry your bulbs before storing.  Lay them out on a counter, you can put paper or a towel down to protect your counter tops. 

4.  Do not store them in your refrigerator.  Fruits give off a 
gas, ethylene, that is harmful to flowers.  This gas can kill your bulbs and they will not bloom again.  

5. Find a pot or a dish to store them in.  Place sand or dried peat moss inside and keep them ventilated to remove humidity.  If the humidity builds up then they will become moist and could rot.

This fall we will discuss how to replant your bulbs.  Until then just make sure to keep them dry and safe from rodents.

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