Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FTD Living Social Deal: Let Me Save You A Buck

While more than 100K buyers have  snagged FTD.com’s offer on LivingSocial.com for a “get $35 in flowers for $15” coupon, they could have saved a real buck by simply bypassing the deal and ordering straight from the local flower shop who’ll actually make and deliver their Mother’s Day flowers.
The Offer’s Fine Print:  The FTD service fee for flowers for Mother’s Day Weekend is $20.99
Note: This is not a DELIVERY fee. The ‘delivery fee’ (approximatley $7) is bundled into the price of the florist-delivered flowers shown on the site. The $20.99 fee is just for forwarding the order to a local florist.
So your $20 ‘savings’ goes to a $20.99 fee that’s totally avoidable.
Mother’s Day Flower buyers can save that buck ($.99 actually) by simply shopping online, over the phone or in person direct with a local florist where Mom lives. Use Google Places, Yelp or your favorite review site to find a good local flower shop if you don’t know one.
Then you’ll know who’s actually handling their flowers, likely hear if your selection requires substitution, and know who is ultimately accountable to get Mom’s flowers right. No middleman. No delayed communication about where your flowers are.  No totally-avoidable service fee.
So save yourself some real money and order direct from a real local flower shop.
At The Secret Garden you will never be charged a "service fee".  It is our job to service our clients and we do not charge for that.  The only fee you will ever have to pay is our delivery fee.  This covers the cost of our vehicle, driver, and the ever growing cost of gas in the tank.  For local deliveries (in Decatur IL) your fee is just $8.99.
Your Mom will be so proud you REALLY saved and sent her beautiful, fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.
I would like to Thank Flowerchat.com for suppling local florists with this blog post.  Just another way shopping local can save you money!

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