Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When April Showers Don't Bring May Flowers

We all know the old saying, April Showers Bring May Flowers. Well what happens when the April showers just won't quit?  The rains in Columbia have been coming down for sometime now, combine that with cooler then normal temperatures and you have the perfect storm.  

About a month ago we started to notice the quality of our Asiatic Lilies was poor.  They were coming in from the suppliers with water spots and brown edges.  We refused some of the shipments and even stopped ordering white Asiatics for a while.  Then we started asking questions.  "What is going on with the lilies?"  We found out then that Columbia was in for a long hard spring.

We order our Mother's Day flowers at the end of March.  So when we placed the order we were not really aware of the issue at hand.  We have been assured that everything that was pre-booked will be in on time and in very good condition.  We have begun receiving a few of our items and so far they are great.  We have ordered in a few things extra just in case some of the other items do not turn out as well as we are hoping for.  We will be on the lookout for any signs of damage long before the flowers make it into any of our arrangements.

What this means to you ~ Please do not delay this year, get your Mother's Day flowers ordered from your florist.  We have been told that getting additional flowers may be difficult.  We want to be sure that your Mom receives the flowers she loves.  If you call the store direct we can talk you through the available flowers and help you custom design the perfect arrangement for your mom.

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