Monday, June 6, 2011

What's "Growing" on at The Secret Garden

After the long winter and the cold and rainy spring I think we are all ready for a bit of summer.  The calls are starting already, our clients are wanting bright summer colors to be delivered and we love creating them.  Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, work a bit in the garden, and relax in the sun with a good book.  I hope that you have time this summer to go somewhere memorable, spend time with friends and family, and maybe even stop in and smell the flowers.    

June Flower of The Month ~ Roses   
Roses are one of the most popular flowers we have in our cooler.  It could be because of the colors, it may be the meanings, but we believe it's because of their beauty.  Roses can help you say   I Love You, then can also pay tribute to a loved one, or they can just be fun like the Rainbow Roses shown here.  We have even written a blog dedicated to the care of roses.   Celebrate the flower of the month by picking up some roses of your own today! 

Martha Washington Care & Handling
One of our favorite summer plants is the Martha Washington Geranium.  We love it's colors, look, and the fact that it blooms and blooms all the time.   Need some help with care for these beautiful blooms?  We have a blog that can help with that.  Just visit us here for all the tips you need to keep them blooming all summer long!

June Arrangement of the Month             
Summer in Bloom ~ Our June arrangement of the month.  This beautiful arrangement features, gerbera daisies, fuji mums, and alstroemeria lilies.  The vase color will vary by arrangement and we will match the flowers accordingly.  This creates a unique one of a kind style with each of these we design.  The vase colors are orange, lime green, purple, and hot pink.  A special thanks to our Facebook Friends for helping us select a name.  You can order this arrangement in person at 1215 E. Pershing Rd, on the phone at 217-875-9038, or online.  Order Summer in Bloom for only $45.99 today!

Thank YOU!                
We could not let this issue go by without a great big thank you to all of our Facebook Fans.  We passed the 500 fan milestone in May and it felt amazing.  We started our fan page back in December of 2009 and it is growing everyday.  One of the things we love the most about Facebook is getting to know our customers.  We get to see what you like, what you would like us to create, and we get your feedback on everything we do.  So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for supporting us and sharing our page with your friends.  We could not have done it without you!


  1. Congrats on reaching the facebook milestone! We know from personal experience it's difficult unless well positioned with marketing efforts and loyal customers.

  2. Thank you Wholesale Flowers ~ It was amazing for us. It's all about the customers, ours are so supportive and love to tell their friends about us!



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