Friday, July 29, 2011

Glorious Gladiolus

The flower for the month of August is the Gladiolus.  The latin word gladius means sword, and looking at this long thin stalks you can see why.  
We love working with gladiolus, or as we lovingly call them glads.  When we used them in our designs it is normally to add height.  But we have also found that they make beautiful arrangements all on their own.  
Unfortunately gladiolus have a stigma of being only for funerals, that is far from true.  Some of customers refuse to have them in arrangements because they remind them of funerals.  We find that they make stunning arrangements that are perfect for everyday use.  
Look at this beautiful arrangement, nothing about this says funeral.  This says, "Hey, I'm amazing and my name is gladiolus." 

Gladiolus come in just about any color of the rainbow and in so many variations.  Some of them look so unlike what you see here you would never imagine they were gladiolus.  

So this month, when sending a bouquet, remember the glorious gladiolus!

See more gladiolus arrangements on our website.

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