Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunflowers ~ Oh the Joy of Summer

Common Name ~ Sunflower
Genus Name ~ Helianthus

This particular species name is "Black Jack".  We enjoy sunflowers in the summer and early fall.  The size of the heads vary so much between types we can always find a fun way to use them.  The coloring is rich and deep, weather its two toned or solid.  Some have a large center of deep black with small petals, others are the other way around (like this one).  How can you look at a sunflower and not smile?  

We even give some of them a smile of their own ~

Right now our sunflowers are coming from a local grower.  She brings in her fresh crop for us to choose from.  If you want to see some amazing sunflowers stop in.  

Sunflowers will also air dry well, so if you wish to preserve yours hang it head down in a dry, dark, area of your home.

If you want to see some of our sunflower designs be sure to visit our website.  

Thanks for stopping by, have a sun filled day!

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