Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gypsophila ~ Baby's Breath

Common Name ~ Baby's Breath
Genus Name ~ Gypsophilia
Species Name ~ Million Star

Million Star is the name of the Gypsophila we work with in our shop.  We like Million Star because of the size of bloom. You would not believe the many different sizes of Baby's Breath are out there now.  We find that this size works best in our classic roses arrangements. 

When working with it in designs, we find that a little goes a long way.  We try to avoid over "filling" with this flower.  It does work wonders in corsages and boutonnieres.  You can even find tinted Baby's Breath here at the shop during prom time.  Silver is our favorite with black coming in a close second.  

Baby's Breath air dries very well.  If you hang it upside down and let it dry in a dark, dry, area of your home it will preserve itself.  

Next time you stop in take a moment to admire these precious tiny blooms.  They really are amazing when you look closely.  Seeing all of those mini flowers all bloomed on the tiny stems.

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