Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Love Asparagus~

No not the kind you eat!  The kind we use in our everyday designs.  Some of our favorite foliage is from the Asparagus family.  

Common Name: Foxtail Fern
Latin: Densiflorus 
Species: "Myersii"
Foxtail is stiff like a foxtail and densely covered.  it gives a soft full look in floral designs.  We love the way it adds texture to our designs.  We use it in floral designs to add a nice straight line, and even some additional height. 
Common Name: Sprengeri
Latin Name: Densiflorus
Species: "Sprengeri"
Sprengeri has a light airy look we love.  It looks so soft, but be careful on the underside there are small little thorns that love to prick fingers.  We use sprengeri as a cover foliage, it works wonderful wrapped around a wreath or draped down the side of a vase.  
Common Name: Tree Fern
Latin Name: Densiflorus 
Species: "Pyramialis"
Now this is one of my personal favorites.  So airy and soft to the touch.  When using it in designs it is best to use it sparingly to keep the airy look.  If you use too much, the design can develop a "hairy" look. 

Common Name: Plumosa
Latin Name: Densiflorus
Species:  "Setaceus"
Plumosa makes a great coverage foliage.  It can be wrapped around wreaths, over foam, or it can drape down the side of a vase.  It is very flat so it does not work well to add height to an arrangement.  The downside of plumosa is that it loves to shed.  It will leave a nice little trail of fern everywhere it goes.

Common Name: Ming
Latin Name: Densiflorus 
Species: "macowanii"
We use ming in the same way we use plumosa.  It works wonderful to help cover mass areas.  Like plumosa it loves to shed.  It has a soft full look that is worth the bit of shedding.  Ming is also a flatter fern, it covers well but does not go along way towards adding height. 

These are just a few of the greens we use in our work.  The right foliage can go along way in creating a design.  They can add texture, depth, height, or help give a full look.  We love to find new uses for our everyday greenery.  That is one of the joys of designing, creating new looks with items we use everyday.

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